High quality means using premium ingredients.

Undeniably delicious stroopwafels, cookies, nuts, popcorn and more, all made with Canadian pure maple syrup but if it's just maple syrup you want, we've got that too!

The Stroopwafel Collection - Five Delicious Flavours!

Maple Terroir Stroopwafels

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  • "I took back a few of
    your maple cream cookies to give them to my friends but I got hungry on the
    plane and decided to open one. It was the best cookie I’ve ever had! It was out
    of this world. Not too sweet, nice maple taste and aroma."


  • "I bought your maple
    popcorn to give to people as they leave after a visit over the holidays. I
    wasn’t sure if I should give out bagged popcorn. Then I opened a bag to try it.
    My goodness....it is very, very good and I know it will be appreciated by all."

    ~ Lora ~

  • "I received your maple and blueberry tea as a gift and at first I thought it was  bit of a gimmick but after I tried them, wow! Very good quality tea. Everything written on your packaging is true. How can I get my hands on more? Can I buy online? I would like to try your maple coffee too. "

    ~ Sarah ~

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Listen to what some college students are saying about our yummy stroopwafels. 😊

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