Our Story

company founder


Maple Terroir has come a long way from its humble beginnings when founders Wayne and Kaori Lytton first started out in 1978. Strongly influenced by a personal connection to Canadian history, including the exploits of Wayne’s ancestor Adam Grant Horne’s in the mid-1800s, and his mother’s First Nations artwork (Georgina Abrams Lytton's work is stored and protected by the National Gallery of Canada), Wayne and Kaori had a vision of producing authentic Canadian products using homegrown raw materials and bringing these to the domestic and international marketplace.

Inspired by the French concept "terroir"; a belief that the combination of soil, region, climate in which food is grown gives it unique characteristics and affects the flavour and overall quality, Wayne and Kaori chose the name Maple Terroir for their new company. 

Quality control at Maple Terroir is paramount to our production of maple syrup. Our priority is to supply the best pure maple syrup and maple products by using meticulously selected, superior quality maple sap and the finest production methods available. Nowhere within our pure maple syrup process do we blend or add chemicals or bleaching powders or colour preservatives of any kind.

” Our maple syrup is produced from a 4th generation maple farm located near the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, which are among the oldest mountains in the world, and with some of the best producing sugar maples in Canada. The low-yield farming on high elevation terrain takes a tremendous commitment in terms of time and cost but anything else would require compromise, which we are not willing to make.”

Today, the brand represents the ever-expanding production of maple syrup and unique maple related products, known for its quality and wide selection such as conventional and certified organic maple syrup, maple leaf cream & shortbread cookies, maple sugar & butter, maple tea & coffee, maple soft caramel & hard candy, maple butter popcorn & maple bacon kettle chips, maple sea salt roasted peanuts, maple cocoa dark chocolate and most recently, the launch of our new collection, maple stroopwafels in 5 delicious flavours and mini bite-size stroopwafels.

Under the leadership of current president Shawn Lytton, Maple Terroir continues to develop a variety of innovative Canadian specialty food products while staying true to the original vision of authenticity and Canadian uniqueness. As a family-owned and operated business, it’s important to us that we carry on the tradition of providing only the very best of gourmet Canadian specialty foods to our customers.

From the terroir of the Appalachian Mountains to your table…Bon Appetit!