I took back few of your maple cookies to give them to my friends but I got hungry on the plane and decided to open one. It was the best cookie I’ve ever had! It was out of this world. Not too sweet, nice maple taste and aroma.

Bennett from San Francisco, California

I received your maple and blueberry tea as a gift and at first I thought it was bit of a gimmick but after I tried them, wow! Very good quality tea. Everything written on your packaging is true. How can I get my hands on more? Can I buy on line? I would like to try your maple coffee too.

Sarah from London, England

Purchased as a giveaway in baskets for the office. It is perfect. Arrived within 24 hours of ordering but that might be because we are one province away from the supplier. Fresh, crunchy, sweet, and salty. Opened a test bag and all who tasted it agreed it was a real pop of maple in your mouth. Very nice Canadian made give-away.

Melsa from Winnipeg, Manitoba

I bought your maple popcorn to give to people as they leave after a visit over the holidays. I wasn’t sure if I should give out bagged popcorn. Then I opened a bag to try it. My goodness....it is very, very good and I know it will be appreciated by all.

Lora from Oshawa, Ontario

what a unique taste! Balance of dark chocolate, caramel like centered almonds with a sprinkle of cocoa. Very nice touch.

Julie from Coquitlam, BC

Well worth the price. You can taste the butter and maple syrup plus the popcorn is very crunchy. Delicious! Always nice to buy something different and be pleasantly surprised.

Rebecca from Sydney, Australia

I've tasted honey coated peanuts but never heard of maple syrup coated & roasted peanuts. Tried it and tasted great.

Robert from Oakville, Ontario

My daughter just returned from a trip to Alaska and southwest Canada. One of the gifts she brought back for me was a box of your maple cookies. I don’t have enough paper to tell you how good they were. They disappeared as quickly as they were opened.

Ray from Westport, Massachusetts

I just bought your maple popcorn and I just had to write you. This maple popcorn is sooooooo very good; it’s downright addictive! I have to put it out of sight & out of reach so that I don’t eat the whole blooming thing. You can tell a lot about your company by this product and it made me look up your website to learn more about your company. This delicious maple popcorn is a good representation of your company, consider me a fan!!! Where can I buy your other products in the US? Thanks again for making such a delicious tasting popcorn, I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Yummy!!

Lillian from New York, New York

Bought your stroopwafels at the supermarket and all I can say is wow and dangerous! I’ve tasted many things in my life but this waffle was soooo good.

Eduardo from Brasilia, Brazil

I ordered strawberry stroopwafels and it was very delicious. I want to try other flavours. Thank you for putting smile on my face.

Hiroko from Chiba, Japan

Your products are great and I love supporting a family business, thank you for making really good food for us to enjoy.

Letizia from Calgary, Alberta