Message from the Owner

To Our Valued Customers:
While striving to grow our family business, my parents persevered day and night, working 7 days a week with the highest standards of work ethic and dedication. As a youngster helping out, it was instilled in me to never jeopardize quality, to always be grateful to our customers who choose our brands over others, and to give back to the community.
After more than 40 years of operation, our business is fortunate enough to be able to continue supporting local organizations in need and I am thankful that we can carry on our long-standing family tradition of producing delicious, high quality, made-in-Canada products that people can really enjoy with family and friends. I am constantly inspired by the positive emails and reviews we receive from customers all over the world. It means a lot and the feedback is truly rewarding. We have never cut corners by adding artificial additives nor by using inexpensive imported materials. We only use the finest ingredients in our products.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our family business. Please enjoy our products!
Sincerely yours,
Shawn Lytton